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    National Stem Cell Engineering Research Center(NSCERC in brief ), located in TianDa science and technology park ,Tianjin Binhai New Area. Center , approved by the National Ministry of Science and Technology ,was set up in 2002 , and relied on the Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and its affiliated TEDA Life Science Research Center.?in August 2004, begun establishing the legal person company - Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. Professor Han Zhongchao from Institute of Hematology, the National Academy of Medical Sciences , is the head of National Stem Cell Engineering Research Center. NSCERC engages in Stem Cell Engineering and Technology research, development and engineering research, has the capabilities of pilot scale production, quality management, market explore , technical service and so on.?It is not only a Engineering Research Center which is served for the industry but also a research and development institutions which is based on Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical as its strong backing.?NSCERC has a good academic environment and research environment including a master, doctor station and post-doctoral mobile station. ...
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Address: Tianjin TEDA Fourth Street, TianDa Science Park, B3.B4 Building
Telphone: +86-22-66211206          Fax: +86-22-66211430
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